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Visit the Isle of Staffa

The Isle of Staffa

Staffa lies about 6 miles west of Mull and is most famous for Fingal’s Cave which inspired Mendelssohn’s “Hebrides Overture”. A boat ride can be booked to view Staffa’s amazing geological features - it really is an experience not to be missed. Be aware that boat trips, and a landing on Staffa, depend on favourable tides, wind and weather. The Isle of Staffa is a very important breeding site for puffins, kittiwakes and shags. The puffins in particular have no fear of humans and are happy with close encounters. Puffins nest in burrows in the grassy tops of the cliffs - please take care not to go too near the burrows as your weight can cause it to collapse, trapping puffins and eggs inside. The waters surrounding the Isle of Staffa attract many other species of seabird as well as grey seals, porpoises, dolphins, basking sharks, minke and pilot whales.

Ross of Mull Bunkhouse is perfect accommodation for a tour to Staffa – it is a 15 minute walk to Fionnphort Pier where the tours for Staffa and Fingal's Cave depart. The companies who offer tours to Staffa and Fingal's Cave from Fionnphort Pier from April to October.are as follows:

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Alternative Boat Hire

Please be aware that to take a boat trip to Staffa, it is necessary to have overnight accommodation on Fionnphort or Mull; the distances and timescales prevent a return trip to Oban and a visit to Staffa in one day.  A high sea swell around Staffa can sometimes prevent landings and even the tour taking place, so if you can allow some flexibility in your itinerary to spend a few days in the area,  it would allow more time for a trip in the best weather conditions. Make sure you have warm, waterproof clothing for your trip, even when the weather is perfect