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Call us: 07759 615 200
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Improvements to the Bunkrooms for our guests to enjoy

May 3, 2021

We are delighted to be open and welcoming guests again to the Bunkrooms.  During the long months of lockdown we have been busy making major improvements to the Bunkrooms as well as undertaking our normal annual maintenance and decorating.  Every room has been fitted with new windows which will provide better views as well as a more cosy interior temperature.  Outside the Bunkrooms, land has been cleared to provide a new outdoor seating area which has been planted with native hedging and a wildflower meadow. This will take a few weeks to get established, but in the meantime, the picnic bench is the place to be to watch the stunning sunrises over Loch Pottie and sunsets over Tormore.

A new deer fence has been erected around the edge of the grounds to protect many newly planted native trees. Preventing deer visiting will allow native plants and shrubs to grow and propagate, providing improved habitat for a range of wildlife from bees, butterflies and birds, to small mammals and reptiles.

At the time of writing, we have availability from June 4th – 18th, arriving any day of the week with a minimum stay of 2 nights.  We also have 4-night stay from July 13th; a 3-night stay from August 9th and good availability in September and October.  Current Covid restrictions mean we can accommodate one household, or one extended household, accommodating up to 8 guests.